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NH Designer Show House


- Before -

In the fall of 2017, designers from across New England submitted proposals to reimagine the Frank E. Anderson estate in Nashua. A committee selected 20 designers to participate and create rooms for the NH Designer Show House, a fundraiser for the Community Hospice House. My vision for a peaceful meditation room in an upstairs porch was selected amongst the designs.

For five weeks in June, each designer worked with their painters and craftspeople to transform their spaces. It was a flurry of activity in 90 degree weather and fun to see each room take shape. Each of us purchased furnishings for our rooms and were responsible for painting and updating our spaces. Many of our tradespeople donated goods and services. Thank you to Persian Rug Gallery, Demetrios Painting, Just Lights, Johnson’s Electric, and Alpha Graphics for assisting me.

- After -

On August 1, the Show House opened to the public to rave reviews. I heard comments like, “It’s on par with the Newport Mansions.” My meditation room was very well received. Throughout the project I felt honored to be part of the restoration of such a special home in Nashua’s history and introduce the community to Feng Shui.

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Photos taken by Jason Greenleaf of Greenleaf Photography

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From The Rotary Club of Nashua

"She noticed that (Feng Shui) helped put balance back in their lives, reduced stress and has eliminated minor bickering. She told the group that Feng Shui believes that clean, uncluttered spaces leads to balance and tranquility. She advised everyone to look at items ("stuff") and determine if it supports you in a positive or negative way...Lisa ended her presentation telling the club that Feng Shui is the art of placement; that you are an extension of your environment and you should 'live with what you love.'"
-Rotary Club of Nashua

From The Toadstool Bookshops

"Her uplifting cards present beautiful pictures, inspirational quotes, and ways to bring their positive messages into your environment. Her Guidebook introduces you to Feng Shui philosophy and teaches you how to use tools such as the Bagua, the Five Elements, Yin and Yang Energy and De-Cluttering to help your home become your personal oasis. Your spaces can become a source of positive energy and support and empower everything you are working towards. Lisa's cards and guidebook will show you how!"
-Toadstool Bookshops

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

"Author of “Feng Shui Inspiration Cards and Guidebook: Create Positive Energy in Your Home and Life-style,” Law is a Peterborough native and member of the Beebe family of Temple Mountain. She was trained by Feng Shui teacher and author Terah Kathryn Collins at the Western School of Feng Shui and is certified in Essential Feng Shui and as a Tao lifestyle coach."
-Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

The Sharing Room

On this episode of “The Sharing Room,” Lisa Law interviews her father, Mike Beebe. Together they discuss growing up at Temple Mountain Ski Area, which their family operated from 1937-1984. Mike shares the many changes to the ski industry and the joys and tribulations of owning a ski area. Enjoy!