Decorating & Staging

Beautify, Simplify, Live Your Life Fully
Are you ready to update your décor or rethink your spaces? Lisa can help draw out your creativity and personal expression. Your home and furnishings can provide support and inspiration in all that you do. Oftentimes, small inexpensive changes can make a huge difference in how your spaces feel. She can advise you on colors, room arrangement, and decorative items that would be the most meaningful to you.

If you are ready to sell your home, Lisa can help your home stand out to buyers. She worked for seven years as a NH Realtor and can provide valuable insight on staging your home and prioritizing projects to help your home look and feel its best as it goes on the market. Want some advice as you purchase a new home or move into a new office space? Lisa can help residential and commercial properties feel and function their best.

“Lisa, I can attest to my Feng Shui and personal energy improving quite dramatically just from the practice of staging our house for sale. It caused me to either let go of things I'd been holding on to or to pack them up and put them out of sight. The rooms are more open, spacious, and energy is flowing more nicely. It's a good exercise for anyone, even if they're not actually selling their home." --A.T., Nashua, NH