Beautify, Simplify, Live Your Life Fully
Have you been feeling scattered? Do you spend a lot of time trying to find things or moving items from one pile to another? Are unfinished projects dragging you down? Lisa is available to help you evaluate your items, the function of your spaces, and advise you on how best to get organized.

Feng Shui believes that peaceful homes lead to more tranquility in your life-style. In typical de-cluttering consultations, Lisa will walk with you through your home and talk with you about how your spaces are used. She’ll give suggestions on better room layout and how your environment can better support your work needs and leisure activities. She’ll introduce you to many Feng Shui principals. When your home’s energy flows well and major task are simplified, you will have time for what is most important to you. Whether you just need advice and inspiration to get started or you want regular support with your de-cluttering process, Lisa would love to help you!