About Lisa

Beautify, Simplify, Live Your Life Fully
Lisa Law is a consultant, author, and coach. She combines both Eastern and Western healing traditions in her work with clients to bring peace to their homes and life-styles. She offers classes and in-home consultations to create a positive, supportive environment.

She holds a BA in Psychology from Wellesley College and is certified by The Western School of Feng Shui ™ as an Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner and Toa of Lifestyle Coach. She is also a RxRelax® Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, accredited Home Stager, Life Purpose Coach, and a graduate of the “Awaken~The Divine You” Meditation Program.
Lisa works with clients one-on-one in their homes and offices to create warm, welcoming interiors. She helps her clients improve the feel, function, and flow of energy in their spaces through Feng Shui and decluttering. She loves to draw out their creativity and help their environment support their current goals.

She also hosts retreats, corporate wellness programs, and regular groups to help people balance their mind, body, spirit, and home. In 2015, she published “Feng Shui Inspiration Cards: Creating Positive Energy in Your Home and Lifestyle.” She contributes regularly to the BodyMindSoul Magazine in Malaysia and is currently writing a de-cluttering book.

Lisa Law grew up at her family’s ski area in Peterborough, NH. She is well-known in the Nashua Community for her fundraising ability and philanthropic efforts being recognized by the Nashua Chamber of Commerce and Volunteer New Hampshire. She is honored to be chosen by Hospice to participate in their Designer Show House in the summer of 2018.
Whether you are looking for a peaceful home or activities that encourage a peaceful lifestyle, Lisa would love to help you or your group. Please contact her for more information.

“Lisa provides a wonderful space to learn and connect with her and others as we open our minds and learn how to use our energy positively in the world.” A.L.-Rest, Relax & Restore