About Lisa

Beautify, Simplify, Live Your Life Fully
Lisa Law grew up at her family’s ski area in Peterborough, NH. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from Wellesley College and worked for many years as a television producer, promotions director, and Realtor. She is well-known in the Nashua Community for her fundraising ability and philanthropic efforts. She was the Nashua Chamber of Commerce’s 2007 Volunteer of the Year and she was recognized in 2016 by Volunteer New Hampshire with a “Spirit of New Hampshire Award” for her work with Yoga Caps. In 2015, Lisa’s first book, “Feng Shui Inspiration Cards and Guidebook: Creating Positive Energy in Your Home and Life-Style,” was published.

Lisa helps people create peace and harmony in their lives through a variety of holistic practices including Feng Shui, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and energy healing. Lisa was first introduced to Feng Shui in 1997 in an interior design class. After seeing the positive results of practicing Feng Shui in her life, she trained in Essential Feng Shui® and graduated from the Western School of Feng Shui™, Encinitas, California.
Her interest in Feng Shui and applying principles of energy healing and mindfulness to one’s environment led her to study many holistic practices. She is a Tao of Lifestyle Coach, Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner, RxRelax® Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Author. She combines both Eastern and Western healing traditions in her work with clients teaching them self-discovery, personal empowerment, and positive lifestyle choices.

She has also completed a series of spiritual meditation programs with Metaphysical and Spiritual Master, Umesh Nandwani, of Singapore. For several years, she traveled with him to sacred energy centers in the US, Nepal, India, Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Peru, Chile, Greece, and Turkey, where she learned meditation and healing practices. Through Master Umesh’s “Awaken~The Divine You Program,” Lisa is part of a world-wide network of spiritual teachers and practitioners. She is a regular contributor to The BodyMindSoul Magazine published by his center in Malaysia.

Lisa offers one-on-one consulting as well as classes, workshops, and retreats. She provides Feng Shui and de-cluttering consultations for homes, offices and landscapes in-person and through Skype. She teaches a monthly Feng Shui and De-cluttering Discussion Group and leads a Lunch and Learn Series on a variety of positive spiritual topics. She offers classes on meditation, mindfulness, seated yoga, Feng Shui, and de-cluttering for groups and businesses of all sizes. She also leads a series of day and weekend retreats called Rest, Relax and Restore, which give her clients an opportunity to get away from everyday pressures, restore themselves, and learn skills to maintain their positive energy. Click here to see all programs and classes offered.
Whether you are looking for a peaceful home or activities that encourage a peaceful life-style, Lisa would love to help you or your group. Please contact her for more information.

“Lisa provides a wonderful space to learn and connect with her and others as we open our minds and learn how to use our energy positively in the world.” A.L.-Rest, Relax & Restore Attendee